About Us


The Collective Journey is a network of individuals made up of people just like you. We gather together to share in our experience of life, worship God’s goodness as revealed in Jesus, and seek the healing and restoration of our hearts and minds - all for the purpose of growing loving people, by being loving people.



The goal of the Collective Journey is to advance God's kingdom by building a network of home church communities. We seek people who have been: 

-traumatized by religion
-broken by abuse
-filled with guilt
-struggling with selfishness
-searching for answers
-feeling lost and lonely 
-living in fear of judgment from God
-seeking to find meaning in life


The Collective Journey focuses on creating an environment where we:
-discover that we belong and are loved 
-be healed and restored through loving relationships
-understand the freedom that comes through forgiveness
-have a safe place to grow in repentance
-find answers that harmonize the Bible, science, and experience
-learn the truth about God and His character of love 
-discover and excersise our gifts to build each other up

Consider if Collective Journey is something you can support! Join us as we grow loving people, by being loving people.